VIDEO: Peyton Manning's First Shot During 'The Match' Was Absolutely Awful

Peyton Manning had a terrible first shot during "The Match."
Peyton Manning had a terrible first shot during "The Match." /

There is live golf on television Sunday in the form of "The Match"! Seriously. Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning are taking on Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson in an entertaining match-play event to raise money for charity. All four individuals are facing pressure to perform, though, and that seemed to get to Manning on his first tee shot.

Manning made contact with the ball, and the next shot showed it disappearing into the trees.

Luckily, he has a world-famous sense of humor, and has been able to poke fun at himself, and the other three, in the early stages of the event.

It is just nice to have a live golf event to watch on this Memorial Day weekend. All four men are wearing microphones, and fans are able to get live reactions. There is something relatable about a legendary football player hitting his first drive into the trees and forcing himself to laugh it off. Anyone who has golfed before knows the feeling.