Pete Rose Signing Autographs in Las Vegas During Quarantine is the Most Pete Rose Thing

 Cincinnati Reds legend Pete Rose was spotted signing autographs in Las Vegas during quarantine.

Cincinnati Reds legend Pete Rose continues to serve a lifetime ban from baseball, but that hasn't stopped him from being a prolific autograph signer.

The hit king has made a fortune by selling his own autograph, and can routinely be found doing just that in Las Vegas. One would think he may be taking a break considering the city is mostly shut down due to COVID-19, yet Rose was recently spotted clad in a mask and gloves continuing to sign anything and everything he could. Not rain, nor sleet, nor snow...

The crazy thing is that he is still making good money doing this. Though most among us would advide against this behavior, there he is, signing autographs in semi-public at the age of 79.

At the very least, this allows Rose to maintain a connection to the game. He played from 1963-1986 and was a manager until he was banned from the game in 1989. This behavior from any other star would raise some questions about whether they are managing their time wisely. Rose, though, is just staying busy and continuing to live up to his name of "Charlie Hustle."