It Seems Pete Carroll's Comments on Seahawks-Colin Kaepernick Don't Add up

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll
Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll | Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have been rumored as a realistic landing spot for free agent Colin Kaepernick, and understandably so. They lack a legitimate option behind starting quarterback Russell Wilson, and their styles of play, for the most part, are pretty similar.

However, head coach Pete Carroll seems more interested in talking about how the 32-year-old gunslinger deserves an NFL return than actually going out of his way to sign him.

On top of the countless endorsements for Kaepernick, Carroll's brought up the fact Seattle worked out and spoke with the former 49ers QB about a contract back in 2017. However, at the time, Kaep wasn't looking for a backup job, so how true is all of this? The Seahawks would have clearly signed him to back up Wilson at the time. There was no other option.

It's been regurgitated dozens of times since the George Floyd protests began in late May, but saying you stand for a cause and actively doing something that proves you do are extraordinarily different. For seasons we still don't understand, Carroll isn't aware of this.

How many coaches and team executives have come out and said that they would love to see Kaepernick back in the league, but defend their lack of urgency to ensure that happens by claiming it isn't the right football move?

Carroll saying that he regrets not signing the former San Francisco 49ers gunslinger back in 2017, and continuing to show no real incentive to sign him -- while he rosters NFL journeyman Geno Smith as Wilson's backup -- truly couldn't ring more hollow.