Pete Carroll and Seahawks Are Cowards for Not Signing Colin Kaepernick Themselves

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick
Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick / Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

Given the current social climate and the tacit admission from the NFL that its opposition to protests during the national anthem expedited Colin Kaepernick's exit from the league, the movement to get him a job has once again started to gain steam.

The Seattle Seahawks have been mentioned by many as an ideal landing spot for Kaepernick. He would be a mobile quarterback backing up another mobile quarterback in Russell WIlson, and he would head to an environment that would love and embrace him given the progressiveness of the city of Seattle. Head coach Pete Carroll, however, seems more interested in talking about how great Kaepernick is than actually signing him, which is exactly the same stunt he pulled in 2017.

You know what would go a LONG way toward showing how much you love Kaepernick? Signing him!

The Seahawks' depth chart could use a nice, heavy dose of Kaepernick right now as a backup, as Geno Smith doesn't exactly have a vice grip on the QB2 job and Anthony Gordon isn't guaranteed anything as the No. 3 quarterback.

Talk without action is hollow, and it rings even more hollow now given the current social climate. If you want to sign Kaepernick and think that he'd be a good addition to the Seahawks, offering him a contract would mean more than some token comments about how great he is.

Seattle makes almost too much sense for Kaepernick, and the leadership over there seems willing to take on the media circus surrounding the former 49ers star. The main obstacle that lies in the way of a deal getting done is Carroll, who needs to give the OK on a contract. It's that simple.