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People Actually Believe This Ridiculous and Fake Kawhi Leonard Red Apples Anecdote

The legend of Kawhi Leonard's short and curt sayings at practice has grown too big for its own good.

It's gotten to the point that there are people who actually believe this absurd fake anecdote about the Raptors star eating red apples at a team dinner.

The made-up story is an obvious parody of his recently revealed trash talk, but the fact that even some people are buying into it is laughable.

That's just not even remotely close to believable, even by Leonard's seemingly robotic standards of behavior.

At this rate, people might genuinely start to believe that he's a cyborg, after all, where's the evidence against that claim?

Yes, Kawhi Leonard is cold-blooded. He destroys his opponents with routine efficiency and has a really weird laugh. He's different for sure.

Despite the NBA's obsession with discovering any tidbit of information about Leonard's well-kept secret of a personality, anyone who believes that he'd bring his own apples to a restaurant instead of indulging in a team dinner is out of their minds.