Alum Sends Ridiculous Letter to Penn State Player Criticizing His Dreadlocks

Penn State v Illinois
Penn State v Illinois

Penn State might need to put out a statement -- and quick -- as it appears that a prolific alumnus of the university been sending some racially-tinged letters warning players about the dangers of... wearing dreadlocks.

David Petersen, who is identified as a "proud older graduate" of Penn State, sent a letter to a Nittany Lions player demanding that he cut his dreadlocks because he misses the "clean cut young men" of yesteryear.

The player in question would appear to be safety Jonathan Sutherland, who is black and sports some impressive dreadlocks.

It all seems to be too much for Petersen, who has now opened himself up to some massive and widespread criticism. And rightfully so.

Petersen, who claims to have made the astoundingly stupid decision of not watching football because of the long hair and dancing in the end zone, clearly does not speak for the majority of Penn State fans, who are more than happy to rip this clueless alumni a new one for his reprehensible letter.

Either James Franklin, athletic director Sandy Barbour, or someone prominent within the university needs to speak up about the incredibly insensitive, insulting content of Petersen's letter, even if they don't call him by name. The fact that men like this are not only around the program, but feel like they have the freedom to send foreboding letters to players and students he doesn't know, is shocking.