New Rumors About Patriots' Love for Jarrett Stidham Should Make New England Fans Very Happy

Jarrett Stidham looking to pass in a preseason game vs. the Detroit Lions
Jarrett Stidham looking to pass in a preseason game vs. the Detroit Lions / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Patriots fans have been mired in a hole ever since Tom Brady's departure to Tampa Bay became official. In fact, spoiled as they are, most had begun digging the hole once they realized they'd let the NFC's Super Bowl rep at QB leave the building a few years back, leaving nary a succession plan.

But maybe that was the plan all along?

It seems like the Patriots have fallen in love with 2019 fourth-round pick Jarrett Stidham. According to one member in the organization, the team even likes the Auburn product more than they ever liked Jimmy Garoppolo.

That's high praise. Stidham does show a lot of physical comparisons to Brady and Garoppolo. He is around the same height and weight, weighing in at 6-3 and 215 pounds. He's well known for leading the Tigers to the 2018 SEC title game, and only threw 11 interceptions to 36 touchdowns in his college career at Auburn.

The New England faithful should trust the organization, and if they like what Stidham can bring, maybe they're on to something. After all, Brady was a sixth-round pick, and Garoppolo was a second-round selection.

Even though some fans want a headliner at quarterback, like former MVP Cam Newton, the organization seems keen on giving Stidham a chance. Fans should welcome the gunslinger from Auburn with open arms, as well as trust the coaches and scouts that have won six prior Super Bowls for the franchise.