Patriots' Jason McCourty Rips New Onside Kick Rule as Helping Losers

Jason McCourty
New England Patriots cornerback Jason McCourty | Billie Weiss/Getty Images

While most were excited to see the NFL replace the outdated onside kick with a fourth-and-15 conversion play, New England Patriots cornerback Jason McCourty took a hard stance against this rule change.

McCourty claims that making the securing of possession of the ball after a score a touch easier is, in effect, rewarding teams for playing from behind for most of the game.

Fourth-and-15 is by no means an easy conversion, but McCourty seems to think that allowing a team to try a play that has a slightly higher conversion rate than the archaic onside kick is giving teams a pass for not asserting control through the indended, conventional means.

Support has been growing for this new rule change, which would take place during an untimed down Teams are additionally not permitted to change their decision from a conversion to a kickoff if there is offensive pass interference on the play. What is not to like here?

If McCourty was opposed to the new conversion proposal because he wasn't a fan of making changes just for the sake of changes, then fair enough. Claiming that it rewards losing doesn't make a ton of sense, however.