Patriots Issue Statement in Response to Antonio Brown Rape Allegations

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals
Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Antonio Brown cannot outrun the drama, and the latest bit is forcing the NFL's hand.

Brown has been accused of sexual assault and rape by his former trainer, with three separate events allegedly occurring between 2017 and 2018. It's unclear if Brown's accuser ever went to the police about his supposed actions, but the NFL and Patriots are forced to get involved due to the seriousness of the lawsuit.

The Patriots have issued their response, stating the NFL will begin an investigation momentarily and they have no tolerance for sexual violence.

Brown's case is civil, meaning the NFL isn't required to put him on the exempt list, which would give the league time to investigate the manner fully and suspend him anywhere up to six games. However, that could very well be their best option given the PR disaster that might come if AB is allowed on the gridiron this week.

For now, however, we're still in the infancy of this investigation, and the NFL is not obligated to act (nor should they be). Still, the possibility looms.