Paris Hilton's High School Hockey Profile Has Been Unearthed and We Have So Many Questions

Paris Hilton actually played hockey in high school.
Paris Hilton actually played hockey in high school. /

When you hear the name Paris Hilton, you instantly think of her Kardashian-type fame in the early 2000's. The masses haven't seen much about her as of late, but that all changed on Wednesday after the world discovered a secret.

During Hilton's high school years, she was actually a hockey player. This all came to light after unearthing that Paris has an Elite Hockey Prospects profile.

Just when you thought you'd seen it all.

Hilton played forward for the Canterbury School Saints junior varsity team in New Milford, CT. Granted, she didn't possess the skating abilities to be an impact player on the ice, but we digress. We still have no idea how she did points-wise during her lone season in 1998-99, but you have to believe they're in a filing cabinet somewhere inside the school.

Hilton put her hockey playing days behind her after she parted ways with Canterbury High. The school's director of finance revealed during a 2007 interview with the News Times that the cause of Hilton's dismissal was because "her goals and priorities were not the goals and priorities of the school."

The translation? We're not entirely sure, but it doesn't look good.

Even though it was for one year, we're still blown away that the Hilton was a hockey player. You learn a lot when you're in quarantine. And if someone has her stat sheet, please send it our way.