Packers Tell Season Ticket Holders to Brace for No Fans at Games in 2020

The Green Bay Packers warned ticket holders that there won't be fans at game in 2020.
The Green Bay Packers warned ticket holders that there won't be fans at game in 2020. / Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The latest wave of positive coronavirus cases throughout the country has really opened the eyes of political officials that were quick to reopen their respective states. Those same individuals -- or, at least most of them -- previously believed that the NFL would be permitted to welcome fans inside stadiums for the upcoming season.

With each passing month, however, that's becoming less and less likely, and the Green Bay Packers have taken the initiative to warn fans about this likely reality.

In a letter to season ticket holders, Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy wrote, "New safety measures will allow for appropriate social distancing, which will require the stadium's seating capacity to be significantly reduced."

That quote could be misinterpreted, so it's worth stating Murphy made it clear in the letter that games could be played without fans in 2020. At this rate, there's simply no telling what the "significantly reduced" number could look like, if it's anything at all.

Because of this, fans in Green Bay who acted prior to the June 1 deadline to renew their season tickets can opt out of this campaign's games without losing control of their seats in 2021, assuming that things are somewhat normal by then. Additionally, season ticket holders can ask for a refund or simply request that their payments be carried over to 2021.

The prospect of not having fans in stadiums this year is a bitter pill to swallow, so the Packers giving everyone an early warning was undoubtedly the right thing to do.