Packers Not Paying Cheap Price Tag for Bryan Bulaga and Allowing Him to Sign With Chargers is a Disgrace

Bryan Bulaga spent nine seasons with the Green Bay Packers.
Bryan Bulaga spent nine seasons with the Green Bay Packers. / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers are a confusing organization right now. With Aaron Rodgers growing ever-older and the Packers' window for success getting narrower with each passing season, it would seem absolutely vital that a guy like Bryan Bulaga, a starter for all nine seasons he was with the team, be paid what he is worth in order to keep him around.

Instead, for some unknown reason, the Packers decided to cheap out on one of their veterans, and that decision could end up being a significant mistake. Bryan Bulaga was a top-15 offensive tackle in the NFL in 2019 according to Pro Football Focus, but rather than re-sign him, the Pack allowed him to walk away and sign with the Los Angeles Chargers.

It's an immediate upgrade for LA, and adds to the allure of playing for the Chargers, who have a plethora of playmakers on offensive hoping to work alongside an improved o-line. For the Packers, then, where is the logic in letting Bulaga walk? Aaron Rodgers is just not the same quarterback he used to be, and this only increases the potential strain on him next season.

The Packers can complain about cap limitations, but they had plenty of options to open up room to bring back Bulaga. Instead, Brian Gutekunst's front office chose to cheap out on one of the most important positions in football. If and when Aaron Rodgers eventually complains that he doesn't feel like he has enough time to run the offense properly, the Packers cheaping out on Bryan Bulaga could end up being one of the biggest reasons.