Matt LaFleur States the Most Obvious Issue With Packers' Offense Heading Into 2020

Harry How/Getty Images

For those who have watched the Green Bay Packers more than occasionally with Aaron Rodgers leading the huddle, they could recount numerous instances in which the offense thrived from the MVP launching it down the field or the line opening up big holes for explosive runs.

That being said, it seemed strange that the Packers could not reach this level of offensive production each week, despite going 13-3 last season. This was certainly the case in the 2019 NFC Championship game, where Green Bay was completely stymied by the San Francisco 49ers.

If anyone is looking for an answer, second-year head coach Matt LaFleur has the obvious one.

Maybe you should have drafted some playmakers at wide receiver? Or maybe another offensive lineman?

In a recent interview, LaFleur spoke about how his team must generate more explosive plays in order to find consistency and dominate the league come the 2020 season. Speaking on his remedy, he said, "We were pretty efficient ... but were 23rd in explosive plays. That starts with play calling (and) maybe take a few more chances to help generate those plays down the field."

The Packers also have one of the best trios of offensive stars in the game, with Rodgers joined by Davante Adams in the slot and Aaron Jones in the backfield. Both are capable of making big plays in the open field with receiving and rushing averages near or over double digits in the previous two seasons.

It's safe to say it's on LaFleur to fix that because the Packers have the pieces in place.