Packers Are Asking Fans to Help Shovel Snow off Lambeau Field Ahead of Clash With Seahawks

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
The Packers are asking fans to help shovel snow off Lambeau Field | Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Is there anything better than playoff football at Lambeau Field in the dead of Winter?

Well, we have just the thing.

With heavy snowfall expected in Wisconsin on Saturday night, the Green Bay Packers are calling on some 700 fans to help shovel snow off of Lambeau Field on Sunday morning at approximately 6 a.m.

This is amazing and we fully expect that close to 1,000 Green Bay buffs will show up ready to shovel themselves into the ground. These folks bleed Packers football. Did we really think they would let mother nature potentially delay the kickoff of a Divisional Round clash?

Not a chance.

This is hardly a once-a-year request from the Packers. Back in early December, the organization resorted to fans to help combat the Wisconsin snow.

Green Bay is even offering compensation to show their appreciation. Per the team's website, participants will receive $12 per hour and will receive their payment as soon as their work is complete.

Something tells us that most fans would have worked for free.