Here's What Packers RB Aaron Jones Had to Say About Team Drafting AJ Dillon

Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones running the ball against the Seattle Seahawks.
Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones running the ball against the Seattle Seahawks. | Dylan Buell/Getty Images

We all love watching Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones sprint past defenders on the field, but his humility and poise during the offseason has impressed most fans. When he was asked about the Packers' drafting a strong rookie RB, Jones had nothing but kind things to say.

The Packers took AJ Dillon in the second round of the NFL Draft. Dillion is a physical specimen at 6-0 and 250 pounds of pure muscle. He also ran a 4.53 at the Combine, which is pretty incredible for a guy of his size. Jones is currently in the final year of his rookie contract, and an extension is not going to be cheap, so there has been speculation that Dillion might be coming in to fill Jones' shoes.

However, Jones seems completely unbothered by all of the external factors. He's said several times that he wants to be a Packer for his entire career, and he hasn't engaged much with questions about his impending contract negotiations. He seems genuinely happy to be working with Dillion, and believes that the talented rookies will push him to be better.

We wish every player in the league had Jones' positive attitude, because there have been a ton of messy contract discussions during this offseason. Jones seems unthreatened, confident in his team, and excited to get back on the field. He's a true class act.

On top of Jones demonstrating what a good teammate he is, he's also a good guy. During the offseason, he teamed up with Call of Duty to help military veterans find jobs during the pandemic. Hopefully, Jones will keep his good vibes going once the NFL finally returns.