VIDEO: Pacers Fans Invoke infamous Kevin Garnett Trash Talk About LaLa Anthony to Troll Melo at Free Throw Line

Carmelo Anthony at the free-throw line against the Indiana Pacers
Carmelo Anthony at the free-throw line against the Indiana Pacers / ContentNBA on Twitter

Carmelo Anthony was haunted by old taunts on Thursday night at Bankers Life Field House against the Indiana Pacers. When he stepped up to the free-throw line, Pacers fans started a unison chant of "Honey Nut Cheerios!" referencing an alleged comment by Kevin Garnett in 2013, in which he stated that Anthony's wife LaLa Anthony tastes like he cereal.

Garnett's alleged comment came in a game at Madison Square Garden when he was still playing with the Boston Celtics, and Anthony was still a New York Knick. A lot has changed since then, however the Indiana Pacers crowd seemingly remembers that oddly specific moment, and has chosen to convert it to a chant for this free-throw opportunity for Anthony seven years later.

While Garnett's alleged comments make for a unique NBA beef, and entertaining tomfoolery by Pacers fans, Paul Pierce claims that it is all fabricated.

"That was a rumor, dude. See listen. I was there that night. They got into it, then everything happened in the tunnel. And I get on the bus and sit right next to KG and I was like, 'KG, did you say that?' He paused for a second and was like, 'Man you know I didn't say that.'" said Pierce.

Regardless of whether the comments were ever actually made, Pacers fans have chosen to believe it and use it against Anthony. It might have done just enough to get under his skin as Anthony missed one of his two free throws.