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Olivier Vernon Blasts Odell Beckham Haters With Stern Quote

Say what you want about Odell Beckham Jr., but it's almost undeniable that he was given the short end of the stick while he was in New York. He was portrayed as a locker room cancer by the media and his former general manager Dave Gettleman essentially said the same thing after he traded OBJ to Cleveland.

But as with every popular athlete, the fans often fail to see the whole story. We're able to mold our perceptions based on what we see, or what media but we are only given a fraction of what really goes on in any given locker room. And it seems like OBJ's teammate Olivier Vernon would agree with that sentiment.

Players always defend their own, and it's no different when it comes to OBJ.

Vernon isn't the first to come out and defend Beckham Jr., plenty of his teammates throughout the years have come to his defense. It's just another example of how sports media is able to skew the perception of an athlete based on one or two incidents.

Sure, Odell probably doesn't need to be hitting kicking nets or punching heaters on the sidelines during games. But does that make him a bad teammate or a locker room cancer? Us fans may think so, but based on what we've heard from his teammates, that couldn't be further fro the truth.

Maybe it's time we start taking what these players are saying a bit more seriously.

If OBJ was truly the locker room cancer that the majority of media outlets make him out to be, the number of teammates who have his back wouldn't be nearly as large as it is.