Oklahoma to Use ‘Special Sanitizer’ in Weight Room and We Don’t Know What That Means

Oklahoma football HC Lincoln Riley on the Sooners' sideline
Oklahoma football HC Lincoln Riley on the Sooners' sideline / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

College football teams across the country are hopeful they can return to playing on time come this fall. With the COVID-19 breakouts across multiple campuses where players have returned such as LSU, Clemson and others, there is a cause for concern for both player and staff safety going forward.

Out in Oklahoma, the Sooners believe that they have the solution to combat the coronavirus. In theory, the solution is a great idea. In practice, who knows what this even means?

OU is looking into using a “special” sanitizer called Alpha Defense Shield that kills 99.9% of germs. According to reports, the sanitizer has also been used by Navy, Arizona State as well as a few top-flight high school football programs. Instead of having to wipe down weights used during workouts after each use, one use of Alpha Defense Shield should supposedly do the trick.

The Sooners have already had reports of multiple players testing positive for COVID-19, joining a laundry list of Power 5 and other D1 schools that have reported positive cases since players have returned to their respective campuses.

Hopefully, the “special” sanitizer can help the Sooners out. With Alpha Defense Shield combined with proper social distancing, the Sooners might be on to something here.