NWHL Finds Time to Announce a New Official Ice Cream Sandwich Despite Ongoing Boycott

A Day In The Life Of The New York Riveters Women's Hockey Team
A Day In The Life Of The New York Riveters Women's Hockey Team

If you haven't been following the ongoing situation with the National Women's Hockey League, here's a brief recap. Several months ago, over 200 female hockey players announced they wouldn't take part in any North American hockey league due to insufficient resources provided by these leagues.

Due to the boycott, leagues like the NWHL are going to lose a significant portion of their players, and mainly the best ones. In the midst of the boycott, the NWHL has found time to announce an extremely important official league sponsorship.

Yeah...the NWHL has locked down it's official ice cream sandwich. Clearly the league has assessed its priorities and focused on what's truly important.

It's unclear whether or not the NWHL is actually doing anything to counteract the fact that a majority of female players are boycotting their league.

With the closure of the Canadien Women's Hockey League after last season, the NWHL is one of the few professional women's hockey leagues still operating. Along with no health insurance, the NWHL reportedly pays some of their players a whopping $2,000 per season.

It's understandable that the resources for players are so low, as an up-and-coming women's professional league. However, that salary along with no benefits are still completely ridiculous.

With the future of their league potentially in jeopardy, the NWHL may want to focus on something other than desserts.