Numbers Prove Chiefs and 2019 Washington Nationals Were Greatest Comeback Champions We've Ever Known

Derrick Nnadi
Super Bowl LIV champion Kansas City Chiefs | Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

There's nothing tougher than battling a new and intimidating boss at each level to secure a championship in one of the four major sports.

Except maybe doing so while coming from behind in every single elimination game you face. That sounds markedly tougher.

Now that the Chiefs' run through Super Bowl LIV is complete, with one final deficit expunged (10 points down, 7:13 remaining, 3rd & 15 at their own 35), we can officially say they've completed a task of the highest order...and equaled the ridiculous Washington Nationals World Series-winning squad in the process.

Now, the Nats do get a bonus for taking out the most reviled cheaters in the history of modern sports. If it later gets revealed that the 49ers were banging on Microsoft Surface tablets to indicate pass plays, then we'll reevaluate.

Washington went into Houston and took Games 6 and 7, never failing on the road in a series in which the home team had a distinct advantage during their home playoff run in '17, shall we say.

Kansas City shrugged off deficits of 24 (!), 10, and 10 again en route to its first title in 50 years, two of those coming against previously-unstoppable rushing attacks (thanks, Kyle Shanahan!). Let's just call it even.

For now, these two great champions stand arm in arm atop the mountain, a peak that others repeatedly tried to shove them off of, only to watch one singular hand grab a craggy rock and begin the climb back up.