Nick Foles is Already Killing Mitch Trubisky With Kindness Because He's Secretly a Psychological Assassin

Is new Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles already playing mind games with Mitchell Trubisky?
Is new Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles already playing mind games with Mitchell Trubisky? / Cindy Ord/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears are clearly preparing to declare the Mitchell Trubisky era dead in the water, bringing in former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles via trade despite his forgettable 2019 campaign in Jacksonville. But to hear general manager Ryan Pace tell it, Foles doesn't have the automatic lead in any hypothetical QB competition in Chicago. In fact, the competition is understood to open.

But let's not give Trubisky too much credit he hasn't earned. In fact, he's clearly starting this race far, far behind. Foles himself made it clear that he's already proactively called Trubisky, immediately framing himself as the "good guy" in the drama that's sure to come.

Basically, he's streets ahead. He's playing six-dimensional chess. And Trubisky doesn't stand a chance.

Nick Foles has clearly been perfecting his Cheshire Cat grin. Having been around the block in the NFL a few times already, he was purpose-built to usurp the young Trubisky's job and livelihood in Chicago. At this point, in fact, we can't rule out Folesy showing up at team HQ -- as soon as it reopens, of course -- wearing Trubisky's clothes, drinking his Cherry Coke Zero, and hijacking the podcast queue on his iPhone.

This won't even be a competition. Killing your opponent with kindness is merely the start. Just like Bill Russell used to play all buddy-buddy with Wilt Chamberlain off the court before defenestrating him on it, we're about to witness a dominant display that's half McGregor versus Aldo, half Godzilla versus Tokyo.

Don't be deceived by this Super Bowl champ's audience-facing patina of piety.

He may fear god, but Trubisky should fear Foles.