VIDEO: Former Buckeye Nick Bosa Mocks Baker Mayfield's 2017 Flag Plant Against Ohio State

San Francisco 49ers pass rusher and 2019 No. 2 overall pick Nick Bosa is in the middle of his breakout game in a Monday Night Football domination of Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns, as he looks every bit as unblockable as he was in college at Ohio State. Bosa, who was a part of the Buckeye team that lost to Oklahoma in Columbus in 2017, finally got his revenge on Mayfield with a slick troll job, pantomiming planting a flag on the Levi's Stadium turf.

Devotees will remember that Baker did exactly the same thing at Ohio Stadium back in his Sooners days, a move that garnered widespread criticism.

If the Browns offensive line doesn't pick things up, Bosa could be back to plant that flag a few more times. That's just the kind of night it's been in Santa Clara.