NFLPA Basically Responds to NFL Leak by Saying New CBA Isn't Close

While it seemed like maybe, just maybe, the NFLPA and NFL were making progress on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, it sure doesn't look that way anymore.

Richard Sherman, VP of the NFLPA, warned players to start saving their dough in advance of a potential lockout. The NFLPA responded to this with a simple emoji, which speaks 1,000 words.

A report from the Washington Post said a new deal could be done by early 2020, but the NFLPA quickly brushed aside what is now merely a rumor.

Rather, a source for a ProFootballTalk article later said a deal prior to Super Bowl LIV this February is highly unlikely. The source also said the current deadline is the start of the new league year in March.

The timing of the deadline is especially important because March is when the NFLPA will elect both a new president and new Executive Committee members.

The new labor deal reportedly features a 17-game season and possibly even an expansion from 12 to 14 postseason teams. Financially speaking, the biggest issue will likely be the revenue sharing between league and union of the NFL's estimated $15 billion annual revenue.