NFL Tank Meter Status After Week 11

Another week of action is in the books and a lot has changed since the tank meter's inception. Projected No. 1 overall pick Tua Tagovailoa is out for the year after requiring surgery on a hip injury suffered Saturday. The Bengals came closer to their first win of the season in a battle with the Raiders, but are still on pace for 0-16.

Does that mean Chase Young will be staying in Ohio and land with Cincy at No. 1? Let's take a look.

Los Angeles Chargers, Cleveland Browns

Two new teams enter the fray! That's what happens when you can't seem to figure anything out. Is the ghost of Jeff Fisher overtaking the bodies of Anthony Lynn and Freddie Kitchens? The Chargers had it together briefly, then didn't and then really didn't. At 3-7, they'll pretend as if they have a shot at the postseason and keep playing competitive football and probably end up 7-9, good for the 16th pick in the draft. As for the Browns? They were on the fast track to another top draft pick but they've since won two in a row over the Bills and Steelers before facing the Dolphins this week. Congrats on restoring the hopes of Cleveland fans only to crush them in short time.

Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets

Care to explain, guys? The Falcons grabbed another quality win with a trouncing of the Panthers on the road to follow up their victory against the Saints in New Orleans the previous week. The Jets decided to show some pride after they were somehow underdogs against the lowly Redskins and got their second consecutive win. Both teams are now 3-7 after entering Week 10 1-7. Enjoy botching a middle-of-the-road draft pick, guys.

New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions

The Giants were on a bye, but we did NOT forget how much they suck. The Bucs, Broncos and Lions all lost, with Denver and Detroit keeping it close against contenders for some reason. Haven't these teams learned? Both of your QBs are injured, you're out of the playoff picture, there's no reason to win. The Bucs know what's up. Bruce Arians is letting Jameis do his thing and turn the ball over like a mad man to keep piling up the Ls. Just fast forward for 2020 for these teams. There's nothing to play for in 2019 anymore.

Washington Redskins

Another week, another Redskins loss. They were handled by the Jets at home in a game Washington was the favorite! How?! What was Vegas thinking?! We know the Jets are bad, but the Skins are a different level of sadness. If the Dolphins weren't doing their best to tank, the Skins might not even have a win at this point. They're dying for a Bengals victory.

Cincinnati Bengals

Yes, folks, the Bengals are still winless after a valiant effort against the Raiders in Oakland. They almost blew their tanking chances in the 17-10 loss, but you better believe Cincinnati is on the fast track to 0-16 with games against the Steelers, Browns, Patriots, and resurgent Jets. At this point, their only real shot at a win is against the Dolphins, but that game's on the road, so we can't even guarantee that one for them.