NFL Official Draft Order Release Weirdly Doesn't List Raiders' Team Location

NFL Draft
Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders 2020 NFL Draft | Andy Lyons/Getty Images

After the final games of the 2019 regular season concluded, non-playoff teams began to shift their focus towards the offseason, and thus the NFL Draft.

Well, the official draft order was released on Monday, and there was something notable missing next to the Raiders' selection: their team city.

While the team prepares for a move to Las Vegas after having been in Oakland since 1994, their was no city name listed next to the team on the NFL's official draft order.

The Raiders finished the season 7-9 and are slated to pick No. 12 in the upcoming draft. Whether the picks will be made by the Oakland or Las Vegas Raiders, well that seems to be up in the air still.

The team's 7-9 record was on par with that of the Broncos, Colts, Jets, Falcons and Buccaneers, but the Raiders' strength of schedule has slotted them into the 12th pick overall.

The 12th pick of the draft will be the first player selected to join the Las Vegas Raiders...or will he instead be considered as the historic final pick for the franchise in Oakland?