NFL Free Agent Dion Jordan Handed 10-Game Suspension for Adderall

Kansas City Chiefs v Seattle Seahawks
Kansas City Chiefs v Seattle Seahawks / Abbie Parr

Remember when defensive end Dion Jordan was supposed to be an elite pass rusher for the Miami Dolphins after being taken with the No. 3 overall pick back in 2013?

Well, he's been far from it, and now the free agent defensive end has been suspended 10 games for violating the league PED policy for taking Adderall.

Yes, Adderall can be proscribed by a doctor and be used to help someone who has ADHD or some other attention deficit disorder, but his therapeutic use exemption had expired and wasn't renewed.

This also isn't the first time Jordan had been suspended by the league for violating the leagues PED policy. Back in 2015 he was suspended for an entire season after violating it a third time.

Jordan is also taking full ownership:

"I made a mistake," Jordan said. "I feel like the person that I am, I'm ready to move forward, I've been ready to move forward, with this specific issue. I've been working really hard with myself outside of football, and I can see the progress as a young man, as Dion Jordan, I can see it.

"My whole lifestyle -- it's been a 180-degree change. I f--ked up, man. I can't fix this s--t. It is what it is. But I know what I can't do and what not to do compared to the mistakes I've made in the past."

At this point, who knows if Jordan, who spent last season with the Seattle Seahawks, will get another chance in the NFL. The 29-year-old hasn't been effective on the field, amassing just 8.5 sacks in 43 games, and sadly he's a wild card off the field.