NFL Fans React Negatively to Brian Urlacher's Support for Donald Trump Amid George Floyd Protests

Chicago Bears legend Brian Urlacher catching heat on social media
Chicago Bears legend Brian Urlacher catching heat on social media /

Former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher is one of the greatest players and most respected figures in the franchise’s history. After his recent comments about the protests surrounding the killing of George Floyd, Urlacher has fallen out of favor with the Bears faithful and other NFL fans.

Urlacher shared his thoughts about Donald Trump’s press conference about the protests that have ensued after Floyd’s killing.

Urlacher's comments rubbed many the wrong way, and for good reason.

As a result of the outrage, one fan decided that he would exchange an Urlacher jersey for some Tarik Cohen threads.

Another fan kept it pretty simple with how she felt about Urlacher’s response to President Trump’s press conference.

Urlacher’s life after football has been relatively obscure, and some fans wish they could un-learn his political leanings, especially during this time of chaos.

Sports fans try to do their best in order to separate the athlete from their off-field views, but recent events have made doing so tougher than ever. Urlacher's leanings are rather insulting to those who feel slighted by the system, and rightfully so.

Perhaps this isn't totally Urlacher's fault after all...

Urlacher's opinions off the gridiron were hardly an issue during his playing days, but without the NFL -- or any major sports at all for that matter -- to distract us, his views are impossible to avoid.