Latest Jamal Adams Update is a Great Argument for the Jets to Hurry up and Trade Him

Jamal Adams
New York Jets safety Jamal Adams | Will Newton/Getty Images

The New York Jets have played a gradual chess match this offseason with safety Jamal Adams, who made it clearer than clear that he wants a healthy contract extension that will start paying him big bucks right now before his rookie deal has wrapped. That's been a difficult process, and the latest news on this front does nothing less than push Adams closer to heading out the dor.

Per NFL insider Gary Myers, extension talks have stalled to the point that trading Adams may indeed emerge as the single smartest option for Gan Green.

Adams is under contract for two more seasons, but he's not going to be a happy camper earning a base salary of just $825,000 this year. As a two-time Pro Bowler coming off a First Team All-Pro season despite being just 24 years of age, he rightly expects a big step up in pay sooner rather than later.

If anything, however, this standoff could work in the Jet's favor. It's possible that Adams' value won't ever be higher than it is now, and cashing in on him while he's hotter than hot could yield some serious capital to help them realize a rebuild.

Notably, there is a number of teams that figure to be proper landing spots for a player like Adams. The Cowboys have occasionally appeared in rumors regarding his future, and the Cleveland Browns could cap off a quietly brilliant offseason with a bang by installing him at the back of their defense. The possibilities are many, and they're suddenly realer than they've ever been.

It's frustrating in a way that the Jets couldn't get on the same page with their star safety, but they ought to consider this an opportuntiy. Stop wasting time -- get on the phone and turn this man into assets!