VIDEO: Rams Jerseys Look Even Worse in Real Life

The new Los Angeles Rams jerseys look absolutely terrible.
The new Los Angeles Rams jerseys look absolutely terrible.

After a 2019 campaign that saw them go 9-7 and miss the playoffs, the LA Rams have been focused on plenty of changes this offseason to bring promise for 2020. But things reached a new low this week when the NFC West power revealed their new jerseys. Folks, if you have a sensitive stomach, we advise you to look away. The Rams dropped what they thought would be a great clip to promote their new gear, but it had the exact opposite effect.

Who in the world gave these the green light? Did the organization not expect social media to destroy them once these jerseys were introduced for the world to see? And was this hunched-over position really the best display for 'em?

The numbers look like they were put on with super glue. The color scheme is way off. Literally nothing about these jerseys looks good. LA is out of its mind if they think people are going to want to spend $125 on one of these Jared Goff jerseys. Christmas sales are going to plummet.

Sorry, Rams fans. These are straight garbage. If you're looking for a team with cool jerseys, maybe check out the Oregon Ducks and their gameday fits. There's some apparel worth buying.