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Never Forget Tate Martell Freezing Cold Take'd Himself About Transfer to Miami

There's so much to talk surrounding the fact that Tate Martell was shunned in favor of a freshman for the starting quarterback job at Miami.

But perhaps the funniest aspect of the situation is the fact that he freezing cold take'd himself on his transfer from Ohio State to Miami.

Keeping true to his personality, the former high school standout took to Twitter to tweet some words of advice ahead of his new path in life.

So what did he have to say?

"Don't swing and miss...especially not your second time."

Yeah, that didn't turn out well. It's a tough look when you can't even follow your own words of wisdom.

But hey, if we're sticking with the whole baseball analogy, maybe he still has one swing left. It's only an 0-2 count, after all.

But in all seriousness, it's tough to see Martell fall from such great heights. He held so much promise entering college, and now he's second on the depth chart behind a freshman at his second school.

Martell obviously still has some time to figure things out, but maybe he'll find a way to prove himself in the future. He's got time.

For now, though, he'll just have to live with the fact that he failed to follow his own advice.