Never Forget Rob Parker's Surprisingly Recent and Truly Stupid Andy Reid Take

Andy Reid
Fox Sports analyst Rob Parker had a truly terrible take on Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid last year. | Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Andy Reid had amazing success as a head coach before the 2019 season. But the narrative around the coach was all about how he couldn't win on the big stage.

Reid took the Philadelphia Eagles to the playoffs nine times, only to lose in four NFC Championship Games and a Super Bowl. He then joined the Kansas City Chiefs and failed to reach the Super Bowl in his first six seasons, even though the team made the playoffs in five of those years. This caused FS1's Rob Parker to make a silly hot take before the start of last season.

Of course, Reid's Chiefs went on to win the Super Bowl and the veteran coach proved he is not the "W.C.O.A.T.," which we all knew anyway. Reid now has over 200 regular-season wins and calling him the worst ever because he never won a Super Bowl was nothing more than an attention grab by Parker.

Takes like this one are exhausting and show that accuracy isn't always the goal on sports talk shows. The goal is just to get attention and the payoff in this case was it resurfacing as an all-time bad take. Reid shouldn't be too bothered by this anyway and is now on track to be a Hall of Famer if he can win another title.