Never Forget Refrigerator Perry Used to Pick Up and Move Opposing Players While at Clemson

William "Refrigerator" Perry
Former Chicago Bears defensive lineman William "Refrigerator" Perry. | Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images

The absence of sports have us reminiscing about the good old days, and we were blown away by a photo that surfaced this week of William "Refrigerator" Perry at Clemson literally lifting an offensive player off the ground to block him.

Perry had a successful 10-year career in the NFL and won a Super Bowl ring with the Chicago Bears, so we sometimes forget how crazy the first-round draft pick was when he played for the Clemson Tigers. He earned All-American honors in his junior season and helped the team to a national championship during his freshman year. He also straight-up lifted dudes.

The Refrigerator earned his nickname after a teammate could barely fit into an elevator with Perry. Perry was 6-2 and weighed nearly 350 pounds. His weight, while it helped him dominate smaller players, was also a problem for him throughout his career, and he has dealt with many health issues since retirement.

Perry's name has also resurfaced recently because President Donald Trump's former defense secretary, also named William Perry, has condemned his former boss publicly. Some Chicago fans were associating the wrong Perry with the situation.

Perry was an icon, and we're glad we got to relive his glory days of shutting down any player that came his way.