Nets-Bradley Beal Rumors Would Actually Make Brooklyn Eastern Conference Favorites

Bradley Beal dribbling up the court in a game vs. the Knicks
Bradley Beal dribbling up the court in a game vs. the Knicks | Patrick Smith/Getty Images

After winning last year's offseason, the Nets look like they will be taking another swing this summer at making blockbuster moves to try to polish off a title contender.

According to reports, Brooklyn is internally discussing possible avenues to acquire two-time All-Star Bradley Beal from the Wizards. Beal has been on the trade market for quite awhile, so a move like this would hardly come out of nowhere.

Add Beal to the duo of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, and you have yourself a championship-level team in Brooklyn. Even though this season has been a little disappointing, Durant has yet to debut with the team, and Irving fell victim to a season-ending shoulder injury attempting to run the offense himself. When both are healthy next season, the Nets expect to be at the top of the Eastern Conference, and a Beal addition would remove...truly any question marks surrounding their legitimacy.

If the Nets are able to trade for Beal, they will have created a team that would clearly have the most talent in the Eastern Conference. Brooklyn would have three established stars on their team that have all averaged more than 30 points in a season. If all stay healthy, it will be difficult to believe that another team in the East can match their fire power.

As the Nets and rest of the NBA are hopping to return to the hardwood soon, it will be hard for Nets fans not to turn the page to next season and look at all the possible star power that could be playing in Brooklyn.