NCAA Walks Back So-Called 'Rich Paul Rule' Agent Requirement After PR Disaster

Klutch 2019 All Star Weekend Dinner
Klutch 2019 All Star Weekend Dinner

After a tsunami of negative press and criticism from every possible angle of the basketball world, the NCAA has quickly abandoned what has been dubbed the "Rich Paul rule."

The new mandate, which would have required agents representing draft-eligible players to have earned a bachelor's degree, was quickly scrapped.

Many believed that rule was made to target Paul in particular, as he helped top recruit Darius Bazley skip college altogether, earn an internship with New Balance, and still end up being picked in the first round by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Paul himself slammed the rule as inherently discriminatory, claiming it would prevent children who don't have the financial resources or opportunity to attend college will be barred from becoming agents in the future.

NCAA, if you want to get out of the Rich Paul business, at least make a rule that wasn't as laughably transparent and discriminatory as what you did. A rare kudos to them for realizing the mistake and scrapping the whole plan.