NBA Veteran Chandler Parsons Suffered Career-Threatening Injuries After Being Struck by Drunk Driver

Atlanta Hawks player Chandler Parsons
Atlanta Hawks player Chandler Parsons / Rick Osentoski/Getty Images

Veteran sharpshooter Chandler Parsons has slowly faded away from the NBA landscape over the past few years, and it seems his comeback bid has been swiftly and dramatically halted.

Parsons, currently a rostered member of the Atlanta Hawks, was struck by an individual who was charged with a DUI on Jan. 15, and the injuries he suffered in the accident are far more severe than initially reported.

Per his attorneys, Parsons suffered a traumatic brain injury, as well as several severe and potentially permanent instances of bodily harm that sound likely to derail his career.

Parsons, a stalwart on a contending Houston Rockets team by just his second season, signed a lucrative contract with the Dallas Mavericks, only to watch his career get taken apart, piece by piece, by repetitive back injuries

Now, it seems the 31-year-old is facing dire circumstances, all brought about, reportedly, by the reckless actions of an unrelated party.

Best wishes to the great Gator and excellent shooter -- it certainly sounds as if he's in a hard-to-reckon-with place right about now.