NBA Reveals Significant Changes to All-Star Game Format Including Tribute to Kobe and Gianna Bryant

The NBA All-Star Game will feature a tribute to Los Angeles Lakers' great Kobe Bryant
The NBA All-Star Game will feature a tribute to Los Angeles Lakers' great Kobe Bryant / Elsa/Getty Images

NBA All-Star Weekend is rapidly approaching, but this year's festivities may be unlike any we've seen before. The league has reportedly made several significant changes to the All-Star Game, which will include a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant.

The league announced that they've changed the format of the upcoming game this February. Instead of the traditional scoring format, each quarter will turn into a mini-game, and the winning team will donate to a Chicago-based charity.

The score of the game will be reset to 0-0 at the start of the second and third quarters. Once the game reaches the fourth quarter, scores will be restored, with each team having to reach a target score, which will be untimed.

That will be determined by the leading team's cumulative score, plus 24, in honor of Bryant (i.e. 100 points + 24 = 124 point target score).

The winner of each quarter will be awarded $100,000 for charity. Even if one team wins all four quarters of the game, the losing team will still end up with $100,000 regardless. The first team to reach the designated target score will earn $200,000.

The NBA had been pushing for the addition of the target score for the past year, with the purpose of making the game more competitive.

Besides the 24 points, the league is planning multiple tributes to Kobe and his late daughter Gianna, who were among nine victims in a tragic helicopter crash in California this past Sunday.

It's a unique twist to the NBA All-Star Game, something the league hopes will gain in popularity amongst its fans, while also honoring one of the best to ever step foot on the hardwood.