NBA Takes Big Step in Determining if Players Want to Finish Season and it's Very Flawed

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver holding a press conference at All Star Weekend
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver holding a press conference at All Star Weekend / Stacy Revere/Getty Images

As MLB tries desperately to start its 2020 season, the NBA is trying to determine whether they will proceed with the previous one post-hiatus. The Association has been taking steps forward in order to figure out how the season will start back up, and this even includes certain facilities possibly opening based on state laws with stay-at-home orders.

Commissioner Adam Silver and league office are trying their best to process what exactly is needed for the league to start back up. One of the early steps in this intricate process is figuring out whether or not the players actually want to play. In order to get a complete understanding of where its players stand, the league took matters into its own hands on Tuesday.

If this is how the league is approaching this, there is a lot wrong with what Woj is saying here.

First of all, the vote is supposed to be confidential. There is not much "confidential" about texting a group of players regarding their individual choices about playing this season out. That was the first misstep.

In addition, different league reps are sending out different questions to different rosters. The league office should have a uniform procedure for what they are going to ask and how they are going to ask it, with such a loaded question on the table. It is important for the league to get an idea of where the players stand, but there has to be some sort of rules and regulations placed in order to get the proper votes on the right question, while also maintaining confidentiality.