It's been well documented that point guard Kyrie Irving wants out of Boston. Where he'll go, though, has been the bigger discussion. Amid links to the Garden, Atlantic Avenue, and Staples Center, the uniform that Kyrie will be wearing on Day 1 of the NBA season is pretty much anyone's guess.

Let's take a stab at it.

4. Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Five

Even with all this talk, it's still somewhat possible that Kyrie discovers the grass isn't always greener. Boston is the only team that can offer him the supermax, and out of the four teams that he's most likely to go to, the Celtics are the most immediate contenders for a ring. Sure, 2018-19 was rocky, but could Kyrie make up with Boston and set up a reunion?

3. New York Knicks

Washington Wizards v New York Knicks

Knicks fans' high aspirations for this offseason have already gone sour after the team lost out on a top-two pick in the draft and watched Kevin Durant suffer an injury that will keep him out all of next season. With a ton of money and a fanbase yearning for some watchable basketball, expect the Knicks to be major players, not only in the pursuit of Kyrie Irving, but of virtually every major free agent.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers

After sending a king's ransom to the Pelicans in exchange for Anthony Davis, the Lakers have made it very clear that they are all in for this upcoming season. They've been heavily linked with Klay Thompson and Kemba Walker, but perhaps the most likely scenario is LeBron and Kyrie teaming up on the same floor once again.

1. Brooklyn Nets

Philadelphia 76ers v Brooklyn Nets - Game Three

Brooklyn as a favorable free-agent destination? What a time to be alive. The Nets already have an impressive young core that took them to an unexpected playoff berth this season, and now are just a superstar away from emerging as a serious contender in the East. If the Nets can land Kyrie and add some more talent around him with their plentiful cap space, the East is going to be a dogfight next season.