Nationals Release Dumbest and Vaguest Statement Possible in Response to Current Social Climate

The Washington Nationals' statement left a lot to be desired
The Washington Nationals' statement left a lot to be desired /

Most professional sports teams, players, and leagues have issued some sort of statement on the protests around the country and the death of George Floyd to varying degrees of success. While statements from leagues like the NFL and teams like the Washington Redskins stand out as some of the worst, the Washington Nationals might win the award for the most infuriatingly vague statement.

Owner Ted Lerner's statement called for order and unity, but did little to address the police brutality issue at the center of these protests.

This statement is public relations word salad. They essentially just threw a bunch of PR buzzwords in a blender and this was the result.

Rather than take a stance on issue that frankly isn't that complicated to understand, the Nationals tried to appeal to everyone. Once again, a play for broad appeal leaves the team spread paper thin and ultimately pleases no one, while a direct statement and re-affirmation of core values would have been heralded as brave.

The almighty dollar is once again messing with the Nationals' ability to think rationally, as they danced around saying police brutality and racism bad out of some misplaced sense of fear that one idiot fan would cancel a season ticket plan.