Nationals Release Bryce Harper's Archnemesis Hunter Strickland

Hunter Strickland
The Washington Nationals released Hunter Strickland. | Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Hunter Strickland was originally known by Washington Nationals fans as the crazy reliever who held a grudge against Bryce Harper. That resulted in a brawl back in 2017 that started when Strickland beaned Harper for seemingly no reason other than the fact Harper crushes him every time to the two face off.

Then came 2019, when Harper signed with the Philadelphia Phillies and Strickland was traded to the Nationals at the deadline. That meant the two were back in the same division and set up years of a potential feud. Instead, the Nationals made the decision Saturday to cut Strickland given his poor performance in Spring Training before the league went on hiatus.

Strickland was not much of a factor for the Nationals in last year's postseason. He made two appearances in the NLDS and allowed four earned runs in two innings of work. That resulted in him not seeing the mound the next two rounds.

Yet, Strickland still got a World Series ring with the Nationals, which is something Harper was never able to do. Odd times, for sure.