Nationals Broadcaster FP Santangelo Somehow Manages to Get Repeatedly Owned by Mattress Company

Washington Nationals broadcaster FP Santangelo may have called games for a World Series-winning team this year, but he might be taking too much advantage of the benefits that come with it.

Santangelo used the Nationals' successes to try to get a better deal out of mattress company Tempur-Pedic and he failed miserably.

Santangelo, the Nationals' TV color analyst since 2011, asked the mattress company for a new bed at a lower price because the Nationals won the World Series. The company's twitter page actually gave him the opportunity to campaign for a free bed, but he flipped out over their "demands".

Tempur-Pedic made a high offer in asking Santangelo to get 245,000 retweets in 96 hours, a passive-aggressive troll with him hitting .245 for his career. However, the company at least dignified him with a response and a small chance to get a new bed for free.

Yet, Santangelo might've taken things the wrong way and became pretty defensive about his average.

Santangelo admitted later that he only wanted a cheaper price as opposed to a free bed. Since Tempur-Pedic was still seemingly nice about it, it's possible the company would've compromised if he still had a good number of retweets.

Santangelo might've stretched the truth when he said Tempur-Pedic was going to stop people from buying their beds after seeing their "feud". Go ahead and jot this down as one of the strangest Twitter beefs possible.