Miami Herald Deletes 'Erroneous' Report About Nate Diaz Arrest for Domestic Violence, Fighting Cops

Nate Diaz news of an arrest in South Florida is reportedly false despite initial Miami Herald story
Nate Diaz news of an arrest in South Florida is reportedly false despite initial Miami Herald story | Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The Miami Herald posted a story late Wednesday morning reporting that UFC star Nate Diaz was arrested in South Florida for domestic violence. During the arrest, the article maintained that that Diaz started to assault the arresting officers.

The Herald later deleted its original story. As it turns out, this was a severe case of mistaken identity, and one that will require some significant explaining -- and apologizing.

Yes, folks, Diaz wasn't involved in this whole mess at all.

These are extremely serious and potentially career-ending allegations, people. A representative for Diaz quickly insisted that the story was "completely wrong," and that the longtime welterweight contender has been back home in Stockton, California for over a week after visiting Miami for the Super Bowl.

Diaz's representative, Zach Rosenfield, claims that the prolfic, defiant UFC fighter, who hasn't fought since losing to Jorge Masvidal in November at UFC 244, has been in California since Tuesday. Rosenfield also asserted that Diaz never had any interactions with Miami police, and "has never been attached to anything close to domestic violence in his life."

The South Florida Sun Sentinel also ran a pickup piece that cited the original Herald story that included no original reporting and made no additional assertions. That article has taken down as well.

It's rare for such a major publication like the Miami Herald to completely whiff on a story like that, but at least the story was scrubbed from the internet in a somewhat timely matter and corrected with a big apology. Diaz might be known as a bit of a troublemaker within the UFC, but this story linking him to a serious arrest that just wasn't based on fact is just out of bounds.

Sometimes, a mere apology just isn't enough. Perhaps we haven't heard the last from Diaz's camp about this.