Monday Night Football's Graphic for Jets QB Sam Darnold's Status is Gut-Wrenchingly Hilarious

If you're a quarterback starting in your sophomore campaign in the NFL, the last thing you want to do is get injured.

Well, Sam Darnold managed to avoid getting injured on the football field by contracting mononucleosis. Now, he'll be out anywhere from 3-7 weeks.

To add insult to injury, here's a graphic someone made

What in the world is this, aside from incredibly hilarious?!

In this graphic, Darnold looks like he's ready to take on Baker Mayfield and the Browns on national television for what was a highly-anticipated Monday Night Football game between New York and Cleveland.

Instead, Darnold is sitting at home with swollen tonsils and a box of tissues next to him.

That's definitely not the situation Darnold wanted to find himself in so early in the season. Without him on the field, the Jets are in serious trouble, and this graphic doesn't move things along at all.

The Jets can't catch a break to save their season, which is pretty much already over. Of course, backup Jets quarterback Trevor Siemian just suffered a nasty injury, and now third-stringer Luke Falk is in the game for the Jets.