VIDEO: MMA Fighters Somehow Score Simultaneous Knockdowns With Comically Unlikely KO

How is this knockout even possible? In the first round nonetheless. In this fight between Eder Lopes and Diogo Neves, both fighters are dropped at the same time as they land simultaneous left hooks. We've never seen anything like it.

Not even halfway into the first round both fighters connect and drop. The odds of this occurring feel so slim and yet they land knockout blows at the exact same time.

Lopes had gotten up quickly after being knocked down and was thus declared the winner while the medical staff rushed on to help out Neves.

A similar knockout occurred in a Brazilian MMA bout when two fighters simultaneously dropped each other with elbows to the head. However, this being two left-handed punches makes it unique in its own right.

Watching these rare instances happen can be quite hilarious but also scary. The joy is short lived as hoping that both of the fighters are okay takes precedence as medical staff quickly enters the ring to help get both fighters back on their feet.

The fact that this can even happen is still quite ridiculous.