MLBPA Releases Statement in Response to Rob Manfred Shifting Blame Over Lack of Astros Punishment

Tony Clark, head of MLB Players Association
Tony Clark, head of MLB Players Association | Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

In a desperate attempt to make right on his shambolic press conference from over the weekend, Rob Manfred took to the podium again on Tuesday to address the Houston Astros' sign-stealing scandal.

As the Commissioner has done throughout the entire process of attempting to weather the storm, he once again made things considerably worse. This time, he brazenly shifted the blame to the MLB Players Association.

As expected, the MLBPA didn't stand for such accusations and released a statement that claimed they did not thwart Manfred's investigation of the Astros.

"Any suggestion that the Association failed to cooperate with the Commissioner's investigation, obstructed the investigation, or otherwise took positions which led to a stalemate in the investigation is completely untrue," the statement read.

The MLBPA also asserted they were in active deliberations with the league about potential rule changes (and punishments) to prevent sign stealing.

That claim further confirms the union fully endorsed Manfred's investigation, as much as they might want to "protect" the players.

Manfred is clearly scrambling, and in that process he has managed to inflame perhaps the only assembly of individuals yet to come public and disparage him.

Well, we can go right ahead and check the players union off that dwindling list.