The hilarious video of New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone's epic tirade against rookie umpire Brennan Miller on Thursday went viral almost immediately, and for good reason. Boone showed a spine that few Yankees fans knew he had in defending his team, and it was honestly just a great move by a manager looking to fire up his team as they attempt to run away with the division.

Now, the MLB appears to be making an example out of Boone, suspending him for Friday night's inter-league matchup vs. the Colorado Rockies.

Most Yankees fans would likely agree that the punishment was worth it (albeit a bit soft on the part of the MLB). Boone showed that he's got his players' backs, repeatedly calling his guys "f---king savages in the box" and telling Miller that he needed to tighten up.

Any time a manager has an opportunity like that to inspire his players and gain their trust, he needs to take it.

Plus, with a lineup like the Yankees have, they should be just fine without Boone for one night.