MLB Releases Statement on How Coronavirus Will Impact Media Access

Rob Manfred
Major League Baseball released a statement regarding coronavirus. | Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Not a day passes where there aren't concerning updates about the spread of coronavirus. When it comes to professional sports there have been effects worldwide. Some leagues are playing without fans in attendance, while others have postponed games.

Major League Baseball addressed the matter in a statement, specifically focus on how the virus pertains to access for media members.

This statement may not seem like much at this point. However, what is defined as a "high-risk area" could change if the disease spreads. MLB is smart to get in front of the problem and not face any sort of issue by denying access to a media member. The policy has been made clear.

Actually cancelling games or playing without fans would be the next drastic step if there was a threat to the players. For now, media members have to be aware of where they have been. That is true for anyone during this virus scare.