MLB Playoff Roster Rules

Detroit Tigers v Anaheim Angels
Detroit Tigers v Anaheim Angels / Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The MLB regular season is officially over, and with its end comes the start of glorious October baseball. Ten teams are ready to duke it out for a shot at a World Series title.

But the rosters are still yet to be determined, so it's pertinent to go over the rules for postseason baseball.

MLB Playoff Roster Rules Explained

As is the case for most of the regular season, teams are allowed to carry 25 players on the roster for each series. Players who were on the 40-man roster or 60-day injured list at or before 11:59 p.m. ET on Aug. 31 are eligible to play.

Teams are also allowed to carry an extra player who can stay with the team in the dugout in the event of an injury. Any player who served a suspension for performance-enhancing drugs during the regular season is ineligible to play in the postseason.

If a player is injured during the course of the series, teams can also file an application to the Commissioner's office to replace them. The one caveat is that a position player must be replaced by a position player and a pitcher by a pitcher.

There will be plenty of intriguing decisions for teams to make in the coming days, and once the rosters are set, it'll be one wild ride.