MLB Players Weekend Uniforms Revealed for 2019 and They Are Awful and Completely Joyless

The MLB has revealed its jerseys for Players Weekend, and they might want to go back to the drawing board on this one.

After two bright and cleansing years of Little League-inspired pops of color, this year's edition will feature black and white uniforms, much to the dismay of any baseball fanatic on the planet.

Monochrome? Really? This is supposed to be Players Weekend we are talking about, not a 1930s silent film.

Drip? Did you mean "nothing"?

What's the point of even throwing a clever nickname on the back of a generic jersey used in a baseball movie that doesn't have rights to use team logos?

Invisibility Cloak-inspired garbage.

I don't know whose decision it was to get rid of color, but that person may be looking for a new job once these jerseys are unveiled.

The comments are already exploding with hate. The thread has become flooded with responses of quizzicality, refusing to believe that these are indeed the real uniforms for the occasion.

What good is it to fans to have a Players Weekend with a bunch of elaborate and personal nicknames on the back of each jersey if they cannot even read them from the stands?

At appears as though the baseball diamond is going to look more like a chess board for this event. Hopefully the league can make things right by 2020.