MLB-MLBPA Tensions Aren't Getting Any Better and Baseball Fans Should be Worried

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred
Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred / Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The MLB league office and the MLBPA are currently in a standoff over how much players are due to be paid if and when baseball is able to happen. If there is to be a real 2020 season amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the players want to make sure they are getting compensated at a fair value, and that they aren't forced to shoulder excessive risk in terms of health and safety.

While both sides are trying to gain ground on the other, the players are decidedly not happy about how the league is conducting itself during negotiations. An email sent by the MLB became public by way of the New York Post that the players did not appreciate, a so-called "smoking gun."

This is getting ugly, and the end does not appear to be in sight. While the business side of the game is consistently ruthless and a contact sport all its own, the possibility of the season getting started buy July is in peril.

With the opposing parties still so far apart -- and perhaps not even negotiating in good faith -- fans wouldn't be wrong to feel concerned.

Hopefully, the union and the league can figure something out relatively soon without burning every last bridge. If the standoff continues for weeks,, then the bulk summer might pass by without an acceptable blueprint in place. For baseball fans hoping for even a shortened 2020 MLB season, this news of ongoing tension is not helping one bit.